Remington Pharmaceutical Industries

Recognition and Appreciation:

Our manufacturing facility boosts enhanced production capacities for Eye and Ear Drops, Ointments, Liquid (Oral) Medicines, Coated and Uncoated Tablets, Capsules and External Preparations for various therapeutic categories.

The manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest technology including automated and dedicated process control systems, computerized HVAC/dust control mechanism, computerized Building Management System (BMS) and, Process–Water and Waste–Water Management Systems providing with a ready compliance to cGMP, ISO 9001:2000(E) and ISO 14001. Delegates from Europe and the US have visited and admired the quality standards maintained at Remington’s production facilities. This has led us to formalize transnational relationships and enhance our strategic partnerships.

Quality by Design:

The manufacturing team is committed to produce highest quality products which can meet the needs of both doctors and patients. The team strives to manufacture products that are cost-effective through best utilization of their resources, reduced down-time and by extensively applying planned-preventive maintenance program with coordination of a highly skilled engineering team.

Our production facilities meet the regulatory requirements of cGMP and regulatory authorities. All the manufacturing activities are performed according to the approved procedures as required by cGMP and ISO 9001:2000(E) quality management system.

In addition to quality assurance department's procedures at every stage of production, in-process checks are also imposed, the results of which are continuously monitored and recorded. Materials are procured from approved suppliers through documented procedures, are quarantined until tested and released for use by the manufacturing department. These materials are dispensed under strictly controlled conditions supervised by our Quality Assurance team.

Our key strength areas include:

Our team’s in-depth know-how and expertise right from rapid drug registrations to generate substantial sales in short span of time.